Top Ten - Atlanta PlanIthttp://www.atlantaplanit.comEvent headlines from AtlantaPlanIt.comCreating Matter: The Prints of Mildred Thompson
Today - 5/17/2015

Coinciding with Emory's Year of Creation, "Creating Matter" explores the work of African-American artist Mildred Thompson and her interest in the cosmos and the creation of the world. Born in 1936, Thompson trained formally in the United States at Howard University and at the Art Institute of Hamburg, Germany, among others. When she returned from abroad, she was discouraged to find that galleri...
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Swanton House Tour
Today - 4/25/2015

Visit the home of one of Decatur's most successful mid-nineteenth century businessmen. The owner of a brickyard, tannery, gristmill and machine shop, Benjamin Swanton and his family lived in one of the finest homes of its period in Decatur. How did the family come to Decatur? Where were they from? What happened to them during the Civil War? What were their daily lives like? Join this tour to ex...
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Grand Concourse
Today - 4/26/2015

Shelley, a devoted manager of a church soup kitchen for the down-and-out, takes on a new volunteer, Emma, a rainbow-haired college student. This erratic teen searching for her purpose unexpectedly ignites and alters the kitchen and the lives of its regulars — leader-in-crisis Shelley, charming co-worker Oscar and homeless eccentric Frog. Will volatile Emma be their ruin or salvation? This...
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The Old Gods and Their Crumbling City
Today - 5/9/2015

Opening Reception: Friday, April 3 from 7 to 10 p.m. "The Old Gods and Their Crumbling City" features works by Whitespace artist Matt Haffner. The works in "The Old Gods and Their Crumbling City" engage with the mythology and oral narratives of ignored and failing gods that live amongst us. These deities rely on a community’s beliefs, legends and verbal traditions for their power ...
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Storefront Church
Today - 5/3/2015

No performance Thursday, April 30 The final part of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt” trilogy, this dramatic comedy follows 2005’s "Doubt: A Parable" and 2006’s "Defiance." When the mortgage crisis forces a Bronx Borough President to confront an unorthodox minister, the question they face is one common to all: What is the rela...
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Chad Shore Solo Exhibit
Today - 5/5/2015

Opening Reception: Friday, April 10 from 7 to 10 p.m. Georgia native Chad Shore draws from a life of travel, music and the stories of others to explore the light and dark sides of the human experience in his art. "I want my audience to catch glimpses of passion, truth and life through my artwork. By using a variety of mediums, I am able to express a wider range of mood and emotions that...
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Sips Under the Sea

"Sea" and be seen at one of the most unique cocktail parties in Atlanta. "Sips Under the Sea" is a unique cocktail party for adults to enjoy Georgia Aquarium after hours with family, friends or a significant other. Imagine having the entire aquarium to yourself while enjoying cocktails, tapas and live music … all without kids! Tickets include admission to the entire aquarium. April's the...
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Voices of Spring Concert

Hear all five levels of the Georgia Boy Choir perform in this annual concert celebrating Spring and marking the conclusion of the Choir's local performance season.

This event takes place at:
Westminster Presbyterian Chu...
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Up Right Atlanta
4/24/2015 - 4/26/2015

"Up Right Atlanta" is a new project with artist Nick Cave, who is a sculptor, dancer and performance artist best known for his Soundsuits, which are elaborate, wearable sculptures that come to life and make noise through movement and performance. Cave will work with local choreographer T. Lang, assistant professor of dance at Spelman College and artistic director of T. Lang Dance, who will sele...
Arts at Oakland: The Cryptophonic Tour

The Arts at Oakland program debuts with Callosum Collective’s ROAMtransmissions. Together, Oakland and ROAMtransmissions will produce The Cryptophonic Tour, an interactive installation featuring the works of more than a dozen sound, multimedia and performance artists, including Black Lips guitarist and co-founder Cole Alexander performing as Old King Cole Younger. Using Oakland Cemetery&r...
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