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The Phoenix Flies: A City-Wide Celebration of Living Landmarks

Presented by:
Atlanta Preservation Center
Various locations
Today – 3/22/2015

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Event Description

The Phoenix Flies was created in 2003 by the Atlanta Preservation Center as a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the dramatic rescue of The Fox Theatre, an event that changed Atlanta's preservation outlook forever. Whether it is a cemetery or a firehouse, historic sites in Atlanta inspire with their valuable stories. This year's events include house tours, walking tours, storytelling and more. Why call it the "Phoenix"? The phoenix is the mythical bird that consumed itself by fire and rose renewed from the ashes, as Atlanta did after the Civil War. It has been a symbol of the City of Atlanta and featured on the City seal since 1887. Tours feature The Fox Theatre, Rhodes Hall, Piedmont Park, LP Grant Mansion, Castleberry Hill, Oakland Cemetery and more. There are also tours specific to certain interests, including walking tours, bicycle tours, exhibits, interactive children’s activities, and visual and performing art. 

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Various locations

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